Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat is a third-person shooter Multiplayer Online Battle Arena sports video game developed by Uber Entertainment.

  • License: Free-to-play
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Developers: Uber Entertainment

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Monday Night Combat is a pay-to-play game. To play the game on PC, you can buy it from Uber Entertainments store page You can also buy the game from steam. To play the game on Xbox, you can buy it from the official Xbox marketplace.


Monday Night Combat is a third-person shooter Multiplayer Online Battle Arena sports video game developed by Uber Entertainment and published by Microsoft Game Studios originally for the Xbox 360 and was released on this platform on August 11, 2010. Nearly a year after its release on Xbox 360, Monday Night Combat was ported to the Microsoft Windows platform and was downloadable via Steam. The Microsoft Windows version of the game was published by Uber Entertainment themselves.

Monday Night Combat is set in a “futuristic” version of the current running Monday Night Football, in which players choose a “Pro” from a class-based character selection system. There are six Pros to be selected from, each with their own unique skill sets which might shoot the player based on their playing style. For example, players who like to go full-frontal might choose the “Tank” class, which focuses on heavy weaponry and ballistics, while players who like to play supportive may choose the “Support” class, which focuses on healing and tower repairs.

The game itself is tower-defense style, and there is heavy use of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) thrown in, which makes for competitive gameplay. Players form two groups of three and battle it out against each other in a widely expansive field vibrant with colors and themes. Each team has a stationary object called a “Moneyball” on their side—a container for money. The team which destroys the Moneyball first wins the game and is awarded in-game money that goes to their Lifetime Earnings which can be used to buy custom Classes and buy ProTags, which are avatars for your profile. Lifetime Earnings also contribute to your ranks on the global leaderboard. It is a system very similar to most MOBAs of this generation because Monday Night Combat itself is based on the very popular custom-made mod map Defense of the Ancients (DotA) for The Frozen Throne expansion of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, which is also the design piece for other games

Monday Night Combat features two modes of gameplay: Blitz mode, in which the player can play single-player or 4-player Co-Op against a horde of robot AI enemies and defend their Moneyball. Destroying the robots gives money, which can be used to buy defensive turrets around the Moneyball. This mode further has 6 sub-modes, from the easiest Exhibition mode with 10 rounds to the Super Sudden Death mode with the highest difficulty and infinite rounds of robots. The second mode is called Crossfire mode in which live players form two teams and fight against each other supported by AI ally robots on both sides.

Monday Night Combat is a different take on the MOBA and RTS genre of video games, in that it is one of the first games to employ a parodying and whacky sports simulator-type experience. In fact, it is one of the most creative video games of this generation, which provides players with the opportunity to experiment with various play-styles, and is also credited with inspiring gameplay designs of popular modern games like Blizzard’s Overwatch.


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